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The Eastmont Baptist Women’s Ministry seeks to simply connect women to God. We want to connect you to God through five key areas: discipleship, fellowship, worship, service and evangelism. We believe each of these areas to be Bible endorsed. We strive to offer different events year round to keep our ladies connected to God. We hope you will join us soon and be blessed as your personal connection to God is made!

Upcoming Events 2017

A Night in Italy (click link for more info)
Friday, October 13, 2017
for couples 25-40



Ministry Opportunities Available

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(Some of these ministries are not sponsored by Eastmont Women’s Ministry, but if you are interested, please see the contact information below.)

  •  Adoption/Foster/Orphan Care – Contact Amanda Lynch at  amandajoanlynch@hotmail.com.
  •  Friendship Mission – A shelter for homeless men, women and children.
    Contact Cretia Pugh at cretia.pugh@gmail.com or visit  www.friendshipmission.org.
  • His Vessel – A women’s prayer group for those impacted by child sexual abuse. Survivors, loved ones of survivors and anyone    interested in learning more about creating and maintaining safe and loving boundaries for themselves and others. Contact Patty Mills at pattyadamsmills@hotmail.com.
  • New Start Ministries – Connecting adjudicated youth with a local faith-     based ministry for mentoring, faith enrichment and a new start in life. Contact Karen Clifton at clifton6599@gmail.com.
  •  SOS Evangelism – A life-saving ministry that equips and empowers you to lead someone to Christ using simple, but effective, methods. Contact Patty Mills at alabamaservingoursavior@gmail.com or visit  www.sosevents.org.
  • Take Heart – An infertility and miscarriage support group for women.
    Contact Melissa Kim at melissa_kim@live.com for meeting dates.
  •  Women’s Careline Group – A group of women dedicated to praying for and reaching out to the women of Eastmont who are listed on the church careline. Contact Patty Dean at pahtee1978@yahoo.com.
  •  Women’s Prison Ministry – Contact Alexis Begley at malibulex@att.net.


Annual Events

Spring Tablescapes Banquet (Annually)
Ladies, decorate a table with paper plates or your finest china or just come and enjoy an evening filled with laughter and fellowship. You will be both entertained and challenged by our guest speaker. Eastmont Chefs will delight you taste buds with delicious cuisines. Be sure to invite your neighbors, friends, family or just come yourself. This is an experience you won’t want to miss. We look forward to seeing you there! Donations are taken for missions. Registrations are made in the main hallway prior to the event or on Wednesday nights in the Fellowship Hall. There is a small cost.


Bless Your Soul! Refresh, Renew, Rejoice! (Annually)
For the Mary and the Martha in you. Refresh, Renew and Rejoice. Refresh the hearts of others through an encouraging word, Renew your heart by serving, Rejoice in the Lord through worship, praise, testimony and on special occasions a dramatization that will Bless Your Soul. Discover the culinary secrets of some of Eastmont’s finest chefs and sample “what’s cooking”.  Invite a friend!
No cost or registration is required.


Paint Your Soul: A Woman’s Night of Art (Annually)
It doesn’t matter if you have a PHD in art or if you love paint by numbers, this night will prove to be one event you will want to experience over and over again. Come and discover that inner artist in you. Invite a friend or come yourself. Registration will begin a few weeks prior to the event so look for us in the main hallway to register. There is a small cost for materials. Registrations are made in the main hallway prior to the event or on Wednesday nights in the Fellowship Hall.


Golden Girls Brunch! (Annually)
In appreciation for our Senior Adult Ladies 65 and up, we want to honor you at a Golden Girl Brunch to say you are loved. Doors will open at 9:00 a.m. and Brunch will begin at 9:30 a.m. If you are a Golden Girl you won’t want to miss this. Invite a friend! There is no cost but registration is required.


Our Challenge

The women’s ministry of Eastmont seeks to challenge each woman to do one thing this year that they have never done before to further their relationship with the Lord. This could be as simple as attending a small group Bible study one night a week, volunteering to help with any of our ministries at Eastmont, making special effort to attend a conference, workshop, or any special event, or maybe just extending an invitation to another woman outside the church to attend for the first time. To be changed by God we must first be connected to God and then allow that change to happen!

Connecting through Discipleship
Discipleship is a biblical command to study the Bible and become more like Christ. We connect women through discipleship in a variety of ways 1) Sunday evening group Bible studies, 2) small group more intimate Bible studies offered on week nights, 3) Mentoring programs such as Apples of Gold, and 4) a variety of conferences offered year round.

Connecting through Fellowship
What joy comes from God through being with other believers! Throughout the year, we offer numerous opportunities for good old fashioned fellowship-from dinners to workout classes to concerts to out of town retreats! For many of us attending one of these events may mean stepping far outside our comfort zone, but once you take that obedient step you will leave feeling encouraged and blessed from spending time with fellow believers!

Connecting through Worship
Worship is an essential part of a believer’s life and we seek to make comfortable venues to connect women to God through worship. Concerts, retreats, conferences, and special ladies only events offer the opportunity to worship as women created to love our God. We have recently begun our Women’s Night of Worship called “Bless Your Soul.” Check the upcoming events for our next meeting. It will be an encouraging night of praise, testimony, worship, and Bible study followed by a special dessert. We hope you will join us!

Connecting through Service
Service to God is an incredible faith builder.  The Eastmont Women’s ministry seeks to encourage this opportunity in every believer. Our WMU does an excellent job of promoting and encouraging mission opportunities throughout the year.

Our Young Women on Mission meet the third Tuesday of every month to study and pray for our missionaries, learn more about missions, and complete a service project. It is a fun time of fellowship also (they always have yummy snacks!) Join them to take part in this special evening. For more information contact our WMU Director through our church office 334-277-6300.